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Design Recommendations

2 Gardens ALIVE Design can offer you…


  • Knowledgeable plant recommendations to take your landscape from now to WOW!
  • Detailed landscape designs that are install-ready, easy to interpret that allow you or your landscaper to make instant improvements.
  • Design Coaching is a unique service in which Kirsten works with you to place a custom plant palate in a designated area of your landscape. Design WITH Kirsten & learn the why’s, where’s and how’s. Your landscape will LOVE you for it!
  • Supportive design documents including plant descriptions & care, hardscape recommendations, maintenance timeline, task management plan and tons of valuable info to assist you to know and love your landscape.
  • Conservative & educated plant suggestions that will thrive through tough winter weather with a liberal eye for combining colors, forms & textures.
  • Matching plants to places is a piece of the puzzle. Plants, places that are for your interests, abilities, style & your unique preferences is a specialty.
  • Plant deliveries that make landscape improvements exciting & affordable!
  • Gift Certificates, Seed Starting Parties, Guest Presentations, Pruning Coaching, Veggie Garden Coaching, & Container Designs
  • Interior Plant Deliveries for your home or office , Live Christmas Tree Deliveries & , Hardscape Recommendations for your patio, path or outdoor entertaining areas are all of the other ways that Gardens ALIVE Design assists homeowners & business owners throughout the state of Washington.
  • Clear understanding of your needs and gardening abilities.

Support to reach your landscaping goals for gardeners in Seattle and the surrounding areas.